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By | April 22, 2009

The Xbox is Microsoft’s first product in the video game industry. When the computer company ventured into the gaming console industry, apparently due to the success of Sony’s PlayStation, Microsoft did not have a hard time producing a revolutionary console. With the combined effort and expertise of several computer companies such as the IBM, NVIDIA and Microsoft, the Xbox was then released. The game console was a success during its initial release into the market.  

Eventually, the video game console evolved into the Xbox 360, which is now one of the most popular game consoles and is competing tightly with the Sony PlayStation and Nintendo Wii. The Xbox 360 comes into several variations such as the Elite, the Pro (also called the Premium) and the Arcade. Based on user reviews and trusted reviews online, the Xbox is a great console sporting a large storage capacity (up to 120 GB hard disk drive) and powerful processor (3.2GHz IBM CPU processor) for the Xbox 360.   

Apart from playing games, the console is also compatible with DVDs and CDs as it is equipped with high-definition audio and video players. So you can enjoy watching your favourite movies and listen to your favourite songs through the console. The Xbox package comes in bundles of packages. It comes with the controller, audio/video cable, power cable, CAT5 Ethernet cable and some game discs. For the Xbox 360, the specifications were improved along with the packages that come with the console such as the wireless remote controller and HDMI output cable.  

The Xbox 360 now replaced the old Xbox console. However, some of the games in the old Xbox can still be played using the 360 consoles, which are specifically designed to accommodate both the old Xbox games and the Xbox 360 games. Currently, the more popular versions of the Xbox are the Xbox 360 Elite and Xbox 360 Pro (premium).

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