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Xbox 360: Standard-Setting Video Game Console 

When Microsoft introduced the Xbox 360 into the market in 2005, a craze occurred. The newer and improved version of the Xbox consoles have become instant hit and challenged the leadership of Sony in the video game console market. The 360 consoles were officially launched in May 2005 and replaced the previous Xbox game consoles. Since then, Microsoft had successfully penetrated this market.  

The Xbox 360 is truly a revolutionary game console, setting new standards in the video game industry. Its powerful processor is the console’s most imposing feature apart from its large storage capacity, which the Xbox players and users have been craving for. The 360 is equipped with 3.2GHz CPU processor, many times faster than Sony’s PlayStation. The latest model of the 360, the Xbox 360 Elite, has a large memory with 120GB hard disk drive. But all of these versions have almost similar performances and features, such as CPU processors.  

User reviews gave the Xbox 360 a high mark on performance and features. Based on trusted reviews online, the video game console is the best alternative or option to Sony’s PS3 or Nintendo’s Wii. In fact, some of these reviews recommend the 360 over the other video game consoles. In the performance level, the 360 is comparable with the two other consoles. However, Microsoft’s 360 gained an edge through its powerful processor and huge storage capacity, which means that users can store hundreds of games, videos and music.  

The 360 comes in three configurations; the Xbox 360 Arcade, the Pro (Premium) and the Elite. The Arcade is the older version among the three and has 256MB HDD. The Pro version has improved features and larger memory (60GB HDD). But the most expensive and most powerful version of the Xbox 360 is the Elite, with up to 120GB memory. All of these versions are compatible with all Xbox 360 games. However, only the Elite and Pro models are compatible with the other Xbox games. 

The video game console’s packages include (in bundles) an HD DVD cable, wireless remote controller, battery packs, and other accessories. Prices of the Xbox 360 range from £130 to £300, depending on the model, the most expensive being the Elite model. Through its large storage area, hundreds of games can be downloaded from Xbox live online, the online community service provided by Microsoft to Xbox users. The most popular games are Six Days in Fallujah, The godfather, The Chronicles of Riddick, and other games.

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