By | April 22, 2009

The Xbox 360 Pro (Premium) is another model of the Xbox 360 that was first launched by Microsoft in July 2007. Sometimes, the 360 Pro is also referred as Premium. The console is an upgrade to the Xbox 360 Arcade, which was the first model released by Microsoft. The 360 Premium includes all the features of the Xbox 360 Arcade like the standard 3.2GHz IBM PowerPC CPU. However, the Pro has a 60GB hard disk, which is larger than Arcade’s 256MB HDD but smaller than the Elite’s 120GB HDD. Similar to the Elite, all Xbox 360 games and around 300 other Xbox games can be played with the Pro console.  

Based on user reviews, Xbox 360 Pro (Premium) is also a good video game console. It is a better option than the Wii or PS3 as it has a larger library of games. Among Microsoft’s Xbox consoles, the Premium is the second most popular game console next only to the Elite. It is also the second most expensive console with a price of around £170 to £200 (UK) and $299 (US). Like its Arcade and Elite brothers, movies and songs can also be played with the Pro and it can be connected to the Xbox Live online network.  

The Xbox 360 Pro (Premium) is definitely a good buy, especially if you are short on cash to purchase the Elite. Aside from other features such as a larger storage capacity, the Premium’s performance is similar with the Elite. Hence, the Pro is a good alternative to the Xbox 360 Elite console. 

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