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The Interactive Online Gaming Services for Xbox 360 Users  

Xbox Live Online is Microsoft’s online gaming service to all its Xbox 360 users. The online network serves as the Xbox 360 users’ interactive marketplace and networking site. Xbox 360 video game console users can download games, chat with other users and play against them from Xbox Live, which is provided by Microsoft at its website. Previously, the network served only the Xbox users but has undergone major improvement when the Xbox 360 was launched. The Xbox Live Community has now been improved and with better services.  

The Xbox Live Online has two subscription features, the Silver and Gold levels. The Silver subscription is free of charge. Silver level subscribers can download from Xbox Live Marketplace, share their profile, chat with other users and other features and services. The Gold subscription, however, is a paid subscription. It also has all the features of the Silver subscription, but Gold users can have the ability to play games online with other members of the Xbox Live Community. Gold level subscribers can also create parties and play or join games with their friends online. Gold subscribers can also watch streaming movies right through their Xbox 360 consoles if the subscriber is a Netflix member.  

The Marketplace feature of the Xbox Live Online features all the Xbox 360 games such as Six days in Fallujah, The Chronicles of Riddick and other popular games. Members of the community can also download movies and videos from the Xbox Live Marketplace using the Microsoft Points feature. Demos and trailers are free to download, while the games and movies can be downloaded only when the user purchased Microsoft Points.

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