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The Xbox 360 Elite: Top-Notch Video Game Console 

Among the Xbox 360 consoles, the Xbox 360 Elite received the highest rating from almost all user and trusted reviews. Perhaps it is because the Elite is the latest and the newest update that Microsoft has made to its Xbox 360 game consoles. The Elite is the most powerful console among the Xbox consoles due to its high storage capacity (having a 120 GB hard drive). The console can store hundreds of games, among which the most popular are Resident Evil, Six Days in Fallujah, Fallout and The Godfather. Apart from all of the Xbox 360 games, about 300 other Xbox games can also be played with the Elite.  

The Xbox 360 Elite also comes with a high definition HDMI output so that the user can play DVDs and CDs for watching movies and listening to music. In comparison with the PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Wii, the Elite can be a good match. Based on user reviews, the Elite can be an excellent alternative to PS3 as it has a powerful hardware and performs similarly with the PS3 and the Wii. It can also be connected to the Internet using its custom-built Ethernet and play games with other players across the globe. The console is powered by two AA batteries.  

Since it is the most powerful version of the Xbox 360, the Xbox 360 Elite is also the most expensive with its price ranging at around £200 to £300 in the United Kingdom or about $400 in the United States. Video game reviews, however, state that the Elite is still the best option than PS3 or the Wii due to its high capacity and powerful hardware.

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