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When Microsoft launched the Xbox 360 consoles, the Xbox 360 Arcade became an instant hit due largely to its revolutionary features and its powerful CPU processor. The Arcade is a competitor to Sony’s PlayStation and Nintendo’s Wii. It is Microsoft’s replacement to the previous Xbox 360 Core.   

The Xbox 360 Arcade has a powerful 3.2GHz IBM CPU processor and is equipped with 256MB hard disk drive. In comparison to the Elite or Pro, the Arcade is less popular due to its low storage. However, its performance is similar to the two later models of the Xbox 360 as they use the same processor. The Arcade also has the same features as the Elite and Pro such as a high-definition audio and video output, which can also be played with DVDs and CDs. It is compatible with all Xbox 360 games such as the Godfather II, Resident Evil 5 or Grand Theft Auto IV, but is not compatible with Xbox games. The Arcade console also has wireless controllers similar to its successors.   

The Xbox 360 Arcade also received good ratings from trusted user reviews online. Perhaps it is because the Arcade belongs to the Xbox 360 model that is why it is also a highly recommended video game console. Aside from its lesser HDD, the Arcade’s performance is comparable to its successors, the Xbox 360 Elite and Xbox 360 Pro (Premium). Since it is the first version of the Xbox 360, its price is significantly lower at around £130 to £170 (UK) and $199 (US). The Arcade is a good alternative to the Elite and Pro versions.  

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