PSP Go Review

By | June 25, 2009

PSP Go – The Latest in Sony’s Handheld Consoles to be Released Late this 2009

Word has been going around for a few months now that the release of the newest and latest handheld console from Sony is nearing. At the start, various names had been speculated including Sony PSP Flip and PSP Slide. Sony’s official press conference confirmed what had been speculated on for so long: the new PSP handheld console is to be named PSP Go.

First of all, this new PS item is indeed one of the famous portable consoles from Sony. Among its best features include a slide-up screen, the lack of a UMD drive, and its sleeker and lighter form.

Among its technical specs, the most noticeable is its 3.8-inches widescreen which is smaller than the 4.3-inches of the other PSPs. In comparison to the latest PSP 3000, the PSP Go is said to be 43% lighter than its predecessor. Its built-in memory is a whopping 16 gig and it can be expanded using a Memory Stick Micro. Since it is not UMD-based, it simply means that you cannot use any existing PSP software that you already have. The controls of the PSP Go are a bit different as they can be accessed only when the console is slid up and the layout itself is quite different from the previous PSP models.

In addition to the already impressive wireless capability of the older PSP models, the PSP Go is going to have Bluetooth connectivity. This alone can lead to more assumptions that the new PSP Go can be used with Bluetooth headsets or earbuds, wireless internet gaming and downloads, or probably even synchronizing it with the PlayStation 3 controller.

When it comes to famous games compatible to the new PSP Go, Sony confirmed that it will carry new versions of its most famous franchises including Little Big Planet, Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, SOCOM Fire, and Gran Turismo. Games will also be downloadable from the PS Store using Wi-Fi connection.

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