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By | June 25, 2009

The Original Sony PlayStation – Setting the Modern Trend in Game Consoles

The original Sony PlayStation remains to be the modern game console that has set the trend among the later and better consoles in the market. It is no big surprise that the original PS combined with the PS One made a total sale of about 102.49 million units all over the world.

The original PlayStation used the original control pad which was then replaced by the improved Dual Analog controls until eventually it gave way to the very popular Dual Shock controls.

For many years, the original Sony PlayStation took the world by a gaming storm so strong that it was the first ever gaming console to reach the 100 million sales mark. In a few years, many PS games were made popular in all corners of the world including the world known Gran Turismo which made whopping sales of 10.85 million until April 2008.

Among its technical specs, the most noticeable is its CPU which uses the MIPS R3000A-family R3051 at 33.8688 MHz. It uses CD-Rom as its primary media while it is compatible with external memory cards for additional storage.

After the worldwide hit made by this Sony original PlayStation, more modern versions were released. Such new models include the PS 2, the PS 2 Slim and the PS 3.

The difference in the original version and the PS 2 is that the newer console has better graphics and also plays DVD. The PS 2 Slim, as its name suggests, is a lighter and sleeker version of the PS 2 original. Those two better jumps acquired the approval of many as seen in user reviews. As for the PS 3, however, the main difference lies in the PS 3’s Blu-ray and online capabilities.

Other than the given differences, the ratings as well as the humongous sales of the original PlayStation say it all: that the original PS has set the trend for the modern and best game consoles in the market today.

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