PlayStation 3 Review

By | June 25, 2009

The Sony PlayStation 3 – Is the Latest Also the Best?

In simple words, the latest among the Sony console releases – the PlayStation 3 – is one powerful gaming console. For many users and for the maker itself, it is a far cry from the previous releases namely the PlayStation original, the PlayStation 1 and 2. Let us take a deeper look whyuser ratings continue to be sky high with this latest gaming console from Sony.

The technical specs of the PS 3 deserved to be named. First, it is powered by Cell processor which is 35 times more powerful that thePlayStation 2. Its graphics uses NVidia chips particularly the Reality Synthesizer. Using a 550 MHz core clock, it is even better than two GeForce 6800 Ultracards.

Another advantage and added feature to this new PlayStation model is its ability to be used online. Once you have a PS 3, you can take advantage of a lifetime PS3 online experience that allows you to play online games without extra cost. This is a much better deal than with its competitor, the Xbox 360 Live which allows online gaming for a yearly subscription. The PS 3 can connect wirelessly using Wi-Fi and also via Ethernet.

Another new feature that made the PS 3 one of the best deals among the current game consoles is its all-new controller. Many had the misconception that the PS 3’s controller was a redesign but this is far from the truth. It simply looks similar to the old DualShock controller. With the new controller, there is no rumble feature but it has the motion sensor capability. In addition, it also has wireless ability that uses Bluetooth technology. The PlayStation 3 is also powerful enough to allow multiple players. To be more specific, up to seven players can play at the same time.

The media format used by the all new PS 3 is Blu-ray which can hold up to 25 Gigabytes memory – an impressive jump from what the DVD can store. This media format also means that the new Sony console is compatible with all Blu-ray formats and with the current CD and DVD formats. Although not all PS 2 games are compatible with the PS 3, there are some which can still be used.

Built-in memory can either be a 20 Gig or a 60 Gig hard drive. But it would be important to note that the 20 gig version has no Wifi capability and no HDMI ports. For those who want to have the best graphics, then the 60 gig version is the best option as it uses 1080p resolution.

Overall, the Sony PlayStation 3 is indeed a powerful Blu-ray gaming console that is currently unsurpassable by its competitors.

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