PlayStation 2 Review

By | June 25, 2009

Sony PlayStation 2 – Smaller, Sleeker and a Lot More Stylish

We all know how the world was hit by the great gaming invention called PlayStation and PlayStation 1. Now, if you are one of those who have loved your reliable PS or PS 1 or if you are one of those who have always wanted to finally buy your own PlayStation, then the best one to get is the modern PlayStation 2.

What makes the PS 2 considered among many users and critiques as the best among the PS series is the fact that you get to have a smaller and sleeker console, an excellent joypad, and the top quality games you can play. Combining all three, this console’s ratings remained to be on top for many years even after the coming of PS 3.

Its technical specs are as follows: it uses 32 MB Ram, a 128-bit that runs at 300 MHz plus a 150 MHz Sony graphics chips. All these make the Sony PS 2 graphically better than the older versions.

Famous games which can be played on the Sony PlayStation 2 are Gran Turismo, FIFA, This is Football, Metal Gear Solid, Pro Evolution Soccer and many more. To add more advantages to this very affordable console, the PS 2 can also be used to play CDs and DVDs. This means that aside from its full gaming capability, you can also use it to watch movies.

After the release and the hit of the Sony PlayStation 2, out came another improvement which is more popularly known as the Sony PlayStation 2 Slim. This newer version is much smaller and lighter than the original. In fact, this tiny console is smaller than a standard hardcover book. The new look can be attributed to an external power transformer (much like a laptop AC adapter). This new model also allows both a horizontal or vertical setup depending on how you would design your home gaming room.

Another great plus to the PS 2 Slim is its built in support for online games such as Madden NFL 2005, Burnout 3 and SOCOM II. It also carries an Ethernet port and a modem jack as well as supports a dial up connection without the monthly fee.

All in all, the new PlayStation 2, in comparison with the older PlayStation original and the PlayStation One is one decent improvement in terms of size, looks, style and gaming experience. If you are weighing which PS model to buy, then all the great user ratings and reviews would definitely point you to the PS 2 or the PS 2 Slim.

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