PlayStation 1 Review

By | June 25, 2009

PlayStation 1 – An Upgrade to the Original PS Hit

Sony Computer Entertainment released an upgrade to the original PlayStation and the new one was rightfully named PlayStation One. This upgrade is also more commonly known by its abbreviation the PS One or PS 1. Launched in year 2000, this smaller and more compact version once again made a hit in the world primarily because of three distinct features. Its unit dimension measurements are a mere 38 mm by 193 mm by 144 mm compared to the original PS which dimensions are 45 mm by 260 mm by 185 mm.

These unique changes that made the PS One an upgrade were the new cosmetic size and looks, the graphical user interface of the home menu, and the change in the internal layout. With the new change, it does not allow the previous modchip devices to be used. Also, the new PS 1 does not carry the original PlayStation’s serial and parallel ports that allowed the connection of multiple consoles.

The primarily controller for the Playstation One is the Dual Shock and the Dual Analog – both original gaming control pads made by Sony. The controller allows easy and full control. With the powerful capacity of the PS One and it easy controller as well as its compatibility to famous games, the PS 1 together witrh the original PS model was the first to hit the million sales mark in all its competitors. If you want to have the original hit among home game consoles, then there is no doubt that it would be either the PS One or the original PlayStation.

When it comes to technical specs, it uses MIPS R3000A-family R3051 CPU at 33.86 MHz. For storage, it uses memory card and the medium used is CD-Rom.

Some of the popular games that made the PS One a worldwide hit include Tekken, Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Tony Hawk Pro Skater and the Legend of the Dragon.

Overall, the Playstation One and the original PlayStation hit the highest rating not only with user reviews but also for game console critiques.

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