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By | June 25, 2009

Nintendo Wii – Small, Sleek and Motion Sensitive

The Nintendo Wii (pronounced as “we”) was first released in 2007 and it immediately made an impact among the current game consoles of the present times. First of all, the Nintendo Wii is very small in size and is very ideal for home use. In comparison to its competitors, the Xbox 360 and the PS3, the Wii can be said to be sleek as the other two are bulky and space consuming.

The primary feature of the Nintendi Wii is the Wiimote, a unique name for its unique controller. It proudly carries motion sensors that allow easy and full-experience play experience for motion games such as fishing, tennis, golf or bowling. The Wiimote’s ability to play sounds and force feedback provides a much realistic experience for gamers. To form the popular Nunchuk controller, you simply have to connect the Wiimote to an analog stick.

The Wii proudly uses virtual console software which allows easy downloading service for retro console games. These games can be stored in flash memory cards or in a hard drive which can be connected via USB for additional storage space. The Wii is also compatible with another of the older Nintendo consoles, the GameCube as GameCube discs can be placed and used directly on the Wii. In addition to the disc compatibility and in the need to want to use the standard ergonomic controllers, the every Wii unit comes with ports which are compatible to the popular GameCube controllers.

As a whole, the Nintendo Wii provides you the best value for your money compared to its rivals, the PS3 and the Xbox 360. The only downside, but not seen as a bad one according to many user reviews, is the console’s lower resolution and the lower speed of its CPU. In comparison to the detailed graphics of its contemporary consoles, the Nintendo Wii provides you less especially if you are after a full graphic experience that can be provided by the PS3 and the Xbox 360.

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