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By | June 30, 2009

Nintendo: Most of the world has become familiar with the words Game Boy, DS and DS Lite, Wii, and even the famed Family Computer. Many of these have become not only part of our childhood but more importantly have been part of the good memories that picture our youth. Little do we know about the company that has made these all possible. Many of us have enjoyed the games and video consoles as well as the fun and enjoyment brought about by these types of entertainment while not being too aware of the company behind them all.

The rise of the Nintendo Entertainment System was not at all simple. In fact, this world-recognized Japanese company started as a playing card manufacturer. Over the decades it has moved on from being a simple card game manufacturer to one that develops electronic toys and to one that creates, develops and distributes the modern video game consoles that we have come to love. When it comes to the matter of gaming andvideo game console development, we expect the name Nintendo to soon come up as it has become one of the world’s leading video game console and electronic game company that truly lived to its reputation of providing fun and enjoyment to the world. For this reason, never does areview come by without ever mentioning the game console equivalent made by the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The recent years have marked a tighter kind of competition by companies such as Nintendo, Sony, and even Microsoft. These huge multinational corporations have long gone from entering only one aspect of the entertainment industry but more particularly, focusing on the video game console industry where each has successfully triumphed. With Nintendo’s famous Wii, DS and Game Boy to Microsoft’s Xbox andSony’s PlayStation series and PSP, the world has indeed become a more fun place to live in.

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