Nintendo DS Review

By | June 25, 2009

Nintendo DS – One of the Best Handheld Consoles of Today

When Nintendo DS was introduced in the game console market in 2005, it can be said that the revolutionary breakthrough was done due to its most promising features. These features were the dual screens, the touch-screen technology, wireless communication and the PictoChat software. These major features were what made the DS ahead in the pocket-sized game consoles of its time.

In comparison to its closest rival console, the Sony PSP, it can be said that the PSP has more storage and can be used more than just a gamingsystem. With the Nintendo DS, however, it provides a better focus as it is developed for one use only – gaming. Some reviews find this a weakness but for most users, the Nintendo DS is one strong rival especially if you are after the fun of gaming.

The touch screen feature of the DS allows easier playing as never will you have any difficulty of pressing buttons anymore. The dual screen also provides you with better view, thus, providing you a better gaming experience. Its Bluetooth and wireless LAN features allows simultaneous players to have fun playing and competing with each other. Its built-in Picto Chat feature provides an exciting add-on where you can write, send and receive messages with another player within a distance.

After the success of the Nintendo DS, a better and more enhanced version was released short after… the Nintendo DS Lite. This version is smaller than the original DS by 42% and lighter by 21%. It is also said to be brighter with its adjustable illumination feature.

Some of the most famous games for the Nintendo DS and the DS Lite are Mario Kart, Littlest Pet Shop Winter, Disney Club Penguin’s Elite Penguin Force, Pokemon Ranger Shadows, and the New Super Mario Brothers. Truly, the Nintendo DS and the DS Lite are one of the best handheld game consoles of today.

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