GameCube Review

By | June 25, 2009

GameCube – Portable and Playable

One of Nintendo GameCube’s strongest feature is its price. In comparison to the other game consoles of today, GameCube sells at around $150 in the market. The price is considerably low when you get to enjoy a lot of famous games such as Super Mario, Sonic Adventure Battle 2, the Legend of Zelda and Pokemon. It is said to be the best console for casual gamers who seek simple fun and enjoyment and those who are not totally after high caliber games.

Another of its strongest advantages is its size. It is exactly a cube, its size no more than a small lunchbox yet it can be one powerful console that gains much praise in console user reviews. Also, it is one of the consoles in the present market which is said to be an exclusive game machine – when you want to play, then GameCube can be your one and only tool.

When it comes to technical specs, this consoles uses the custom IBM Power PC called “Gekko” although its clock speed of 485 MHz is more limited than Xbox and Playstation. Its main memory is 24 MB while its hard drive is 1.5 Gig. Its controllers, however, is considered to be top rating in many user reviews as it is ergonomically designed, allowing hours of easy playing.

One of the accessories used for GameCube are memory cards so a player’s progress can easily be saved. One can choose from 4MB to 64MB memory cards but the bigger memories are best in saving all gaming progress and also to maximize sports games.

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