Game Boy Review

By | June 25, 2009

The Hit that Was Called Game Boy

Who has never heard of the Nintendo Game Boy? When it was first released in the 1980s, people all over the world scrambled to get their very own. It was a far cry from the other game consoles of their time such as the Sony releases game Gear and NeoGeo Pocket to name a few. The Nintendo Game Boy became a hit including in the US, UK and in Asian countries.

The original Game Boy uses a screen that produces only four colors but it was immediately followed by the Game Boy Color as another much sought-after game console with a more pleasing view. Because of the beloved game Boy series, the world got to know and love games such as Super Mario.

Based on many user reviews, the weakest feature of the original Game Boy was the fact that it has a dot matrix LCD screen that can only produce four colors. After all, it was released at that time when we were not used to the real imaging we have now.  Another sad fact is that it can only be powered using 4 pieces of AA batteries – very much unlike the rechargeable ones we use today.

Despite these weaknesses, the original Game Boy hit the world with a wave and became part of great childhood and teen memories. Its popularity lasted not only for years but more than a decade and it was through this game console that the world was introduced to the many future Nintendogame console series.

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