Game Boy Advance Review

By | June 25, 2009

Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP – Your Pocket-Friendly Game Console

When Game Boy Advance was released, the world expected it to be a huge improvement from the beloved Game Boy original. The originalGame Boy had its share of weaknesses such as AA battery power source and the four-colored dot matrix screen. Game Boy Advance, on the other hand, provided technical specs the jump from its old to new ones.

The Advance version is indeed fast as well as fun. It uses a 2.9″ TFT color LCD – a far cry from the original’s limited four-color screen. One of the advantages provided by the Advance console is that it was introduced together with more exciting games. Yet, according to user and expert reviews, the Game Boy Advance had one weakness: its screen still needs to be illuminated to provide good visibility for the player.

This problem was solved when the Game Boy Advance SP was released. The Game Boy Advance SP’s illuminated screen was the perfect solution to the original Advance’s problem. In addition, the clamshell screen can be tilted to an angle most suitable to the player.

Some of the Game Boy Advance SP’s technical aspects that contribute to its popularity are its 32-bit RISC-CPU and its 240×160-pixel resolution screen. As for battery life, the latest Game Boy unit can now be recharged and its battery life can last for 10 hours if the illumination is used and 18 hours if not. This popular handheld game console is still compact and handy as it only weighs 159 grams with a cartridge.

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