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By | June 30, 2009

The world of entertainment and games has never been the same since the birth of game consoles such as X box, X box 360, Play Station 2 and Play Station 3, the WII PSP (portable) as well as Nintendo DS and the Game Boy Advance  . These game consoles have taken over the old gaming devices which have also serve the many young at heart for years. The recent decade have marked the annual release of total entertainment devices in the form of game consoles. These devices are known to have magnetized not only kids but teens and adults as well as many were and are still hooked with them.

This review aims to give you a comprehensive study for each of the latest and hottest game consoles in the market as well as certain models which have preceded them. It will also look into how these powerful devices were developed and how they not only swept the gaming world but also heightened the level of competition among game console and game software developers. This comprehensive document also reviews technical aspects of each gaming console to have an understanding on how each one differs and if one is ahead of the others.

Expect to read featured games reviews where any enthusiast can pick the top among the featured items. And also get updated on the market’s game console lowest prices and best deals. With this all-in-one review, get to see trusted review prices so you can have a general idea on how much each of these beauties cost.  Take a peek at the rating hardware reviews so you can compare each console from another.

Whether a critic, a fan, a wannabe buyer, a collector or just a curious individual, you can expect to get real and valid information from this in-depth review on the hottest game consoles that ever entered the market.

xbox reviews

Playstation Reviews

Nintendo Reviews

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